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Im 17, i just started college and I’m already bored of it and I REALLY love to make and to listen to music, especially electronic, no specific genre. Yea... that’s all you’re going to learn about me here. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Posted by Natcl23 - October 18th, 2018

Yea, I won’t go in the details, I’m saying that right away just to make it clear, but I made a huge mistake today, I still don’t know why I did that to be honest, not huge to the point where you hate the person very much, whatever I’m trying to say... but still bad stuff, I lost the trust I had acquired, I deserve it to be honest, so I don’t mind. But yea, just wanted to let you know a bit, I mean, why not. Anyway, thanks for eveyrobody who reads that and that doesn’t say “wow, what a jerk” or something like that, I don’t really care if you do though, but whatever. Have a nice day/night whatever time it is in your town/country/planet....


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Wow, stop self beating, you are not a jerk. This is not deadly mistake. Not dead end.

You just need to talk as well as well as really try your best to earn that turst back. it's not gone completly but think before you do it, if you have doubts about something talk with that person about it. don't hide it, think about the reasons why you would do it and the reasons you don't want to. express in words as well how you feel and not only in writing (if thats the case) if you are again someone that they can trust completly they will let you know as well as try to make time to be with them as well if you already aren't able to see each other that much thats all i can do to help. what your going to do is up to you.

Well I have no idea what you did, so it's impossible to judge, but as long as you regret your actions it shows you're no jerk right? We all make mistakes. Just keep going; do your best! Trust can be built again. Even torn down bridges get repaired with time. This was a while back so: hope things are better now.