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I loved everything about it, the art style, the voice acting was also pretty funny, at least to me, hope to see more of it in the future. And looks like Montreal, the city I mean.

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Yea, I remember reading it before, but it’s really nice to be able to hear it now. And yea, lets see how the future is going to be, hopefully not too bad :p but I’m not too scared about that. Anyway, that’s a great surprise, I knew it would be anyway. ^^ <3
And @TheEighthHour did a great work this time as well ;) anyway, I hope my comment is good enough for you :P love you <3 I have to go now, still at school so, yea.

NyanaCreation responds:

i know i wrote this for you i think around a month ago but i am not sure i wanted to also make an audio for you or @TheEighthHour did that work but i am glad you like it ^^ and i am not scared of the future to much but its still the unknown but i am glad i can spend it with you. i am so happy you like it ^^ and your comment is always good enough ;) love you to <3 and hope school went well.

Sounds really nice to be honest.

Sounds nice

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I find it just fine, it sure could have been a bit better, but I’m not saying it’s bad though, don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome drawing, but I just think it misses a bit, but I’m not a pro so i can’t really say what, sorry about that. Don’t hate me Nyana ^^

NyanaCreation responds:

It is not awesome if it is missing something. it can always be better but i couldn't add to it especially because i had limits and boundaries to the drawing itself. i tried my best. (also i don't hate you i just would have liked some advice) i am sorry if it dissapointed you.

Like it, does look like a red xenomorph! Great job. :)

SuperPCGamer responds:

FINALLY, a review that isn't so harsh and doesn't give me a 0-star just for making a whole bunch and recolouring them

Thanks for your review. If there's anything I can improve on, let me know in the future!

Im 17, i just started college and I’m already bored of it and I REALLY love to make and to listen to music, especially electronic, no specific genre. Yea... that’s all you’re going to learn about me here. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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